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Disclaimer:   Mo’ Muscle Cars uses this page as a courtesy to friends of Mo’ Muscle who have a car that they are looking to sell. These cars are in no way representative of Mo’ Muscle Cars and Mo’ Muscle Cars is in no way liable for anything to do with transactions between you and the seller of the vehicle. Mo’ Muscle Cars is a High-end car builder who builds cars for customers, but does not engage in restoring vehicles for the sole purpose of selling them for a profit. In other words, you assume all liability when buying a vehicle and Mo’ Muscle Cars is in no way tied to the transaction.

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***Please do not come by the shop looking to buy a car. We do not sell cars!

1957 Chevrolet Bel Air

2 Door Sedan


Beautiful Restoration. Just needs Engine, Transmission and interior work to complete.New Parts included to complete the restoration with the exception to the Engine and Transmission.


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