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Muscle Car Restoration and Services

Mo' Muscle Cars offers a multitude of services ranging from simple engine modifications and repairs to custom, one of a kind projects, to complete rotisserie restorations. Our professionally certified mechanics are the best in their fields which helps Mo' Muscle Cars produce nothing but quality work. We are also aware of how special cars can be to owners, so our shop is kept clean and air conditioned at all times in effort to provide a comfortable environment for your vehicle. Our prices are fair and extremely competitive.

Mo' Muscle Cars is fully equipped to perform any mechanical, paint and body, performance, suspension, brake, electrical or fabrication project you may need. Classic cars are special and people are hesitant, with good reason, to take them to the dealership or neighborhood auto shop. These establishments are good at what they do, but they are not equipped or experienced in dealing with older, special cars and trucks.

Not only do we guarantee our work, we pledge that we will not let your car sit in the shop for longer than it has too. There is nothing worse than bringing your car to a shop only to have it put in a corner for months, or years, while no work is done on it!

If you would like to come by and check us out before you decide to bring your car, please do, we welcome the inspection!


Mo' Muscle Cars Media Blasting Division has the capabilities to strip and paint car bodies, car/industrial parts, aircraft parts, industrial equiptment, trailers, boat hulls and farm equipment, which could sometimes need a more delicate paint and rust removal system than conventional sandblasting can offer.

Our system is capable of using the proper media for the job. Soda, plastic media and other types such as glass beads, aluminum oxide, walnut shells, garnet and steel grit will be matched to the job in order to get the best possible surface prep without damaging the surface. We also offer conventional sandblasting and coatings as well. We have a large yard so we can accommodate almost any size job and we can take care of the painting on site.

We use soda on cars to remove the paint and expose any rust that is present. Soda blasting will not remove rust, it just exposes the underlying rust so it can be removed in a different fashion. For full restorations, we always recommend blasting the car first. This allows us to ensure that your paint job will last a long time. If even small amounts of rust are not removed, you will definently know when your paint starts to bubble and blemish in the near future. Remember, that when stripping paint from delicate items such as your prized classic car, using the wrong media and inexperienced operators can ruin the metal, costing you thousands to have it repaced.

Body Shop

Mo' Muscle Cars is pleased to announce yet another expansion to our body shop. This last addition gives us 8000 square feet in our body and paint shop alone which includes a new state-of-art paint booth. Our body shop personnel have over 100 combined years of experience in bodywork of custom cars as well as stock. We take great pride in returning you vehicle back to its original or custom condition. Having the body shop located inhouse helps us to ensure you get the highest quality of work that we demand for all of our customers. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss any of your repair needs from minor dings to major bodywork. We use only the best paint materials and guarantee any job we do.


We have the capabilities and experience to paint not only cars, but motorcycles, industrial equiptment, ect.. If you are looking to revitalize your equiptment or machinery, give us a call and we will get you taken care of. Or course, we also offer sand/media blasting if needed to ensure that the paint job last a very long time. 

We also have our own paint mixing room with a Sikkens paint mixing station inside. We can mix any color here at our shop so if you need touch up paint, give us a call. Because we have our own paint mixing room and station, we can also mix any custom paint that you want.

If you plan on painting your car yourself, but cannot get the paint color you want, we would be happy to mix it for you.

Custom Paint Mixing

Restoration Projects

Mo' Muscle Cars is constantly forging ahead with new and exciting projects. We can custom-build a classic beauty for you, or we can help you create a one-off project vehicle that will be the only one of its kind!                                             

View some of our recent car restoration projects. Our restorations are top notch and you will love the results so come in for a visit to see them first hand. 

Whether you want a full, nut and bolt restoration or partial restoration, we aim to please you.....THE CUSTOMER!! Whether its budget constraints or just that you don't need to spend big bucks on your car, we will accommodate the level of restoration you want.

There are several levels of restoration available and at Mo' Muscle Cars we can recommend the level best suited for your car, keeping in mind your intended use and budget.

"Rotisserie Restorations" and "Nut and Bolt Restorations" are similar and the most extensive, and the most expensive. The car is taken completely apart, even nuts and bolts are restored to original and the frame and/or body is put on a "rotisserie", which enables the restorer to spin it to any position, much like a turkey is positioned on a cooking rotisserie to enable it to catch heat at any angle.

Factory codes, build methods, colors, etc. are all used to rebuild the vehicle to exact factory specifications.

"Partial or frame on restorations" are less extensive and can produce a great result if the vehicle does not have extensive rust issues. In this type of restoration, the frame is left attached to the body but smaller components like the engine, brakes, and interior can be removed and restored for reinstallation.


The engine work we perform ranges from simple repairs and overhauls to power and performance modifications and offer performance car parts. In addition to enhancing your performance, we can also dress up your engine to make it appealing to any "gear head".

Electrical - There are many companies that manufacture complete wiring harnesses for just about any muscle car. They are made to look just like the original but in many cases are better. We can fix your electrical problems or if needed, replace the entire wiring harness.

Brakes - Most of the old muscle cars we love do not stop very well; and many don't even have power brakes. If you want the stopping power of a brand new car, Mo' Muscle Cars can install one of the hot, new disc brakes kits. Or if you want to just upgrade the performance of your stock brakes, we can help.

Suspension - We are a builder for Detroit Speed, which manufactures a number of suspension enhancing products. We work with many companies to achieve the precise ride and suspension performance you want; even the new trick air suspension systems.

One-off cars always attracts attention, and if built properly will continue to appreciate year after year. Mo' Muscle Cars can take your ideas and with our input, arrive at scale-correct drawings of your dream car that can be built right in our shop.

Custom Fabrication- Mo' Muscle Cars has the tools, equipment, and experience necessary to fabricate body parts, dashes, brackets, or whatever is required during the car building process. Whether we need to stretch or bend and form metal into a one-off body part or machine intricate mechanical parts for a unique application, it's not a problem.

Air Cooling System - We are also a dealer for Vintage Air. So whatever your cooling needs, Vintage Air has the perfect combination for you. Their components are space saving and the controls are user friendly. We can install the Vintage Air system in a manner that will not compromise the original look of your car.

Stereo and Audio - Whether your looking for custom installation or back to factory, we have the capabilities and experience to deliver the product you choose with great quality sound and a look that you will be proud of.

Interior - If you are looking for a custom interior, give us a call and we will take care of all you interior needs. From custom seats and door panels to carpet installation. We take care of it all!


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Mo' Muscle Cars offers a multitude of services including restoration for classic, muscle, antique, vintage and drag cars, 50's hot rods, hot rods. We also offer performance car parts, engine restoration, sell pro street rods, and everything from simple car repairs to custom complete rotisserie restorations.
We proudly serve Houston, Conroe, The Woodlands, and Spring, Texas locally as well as both nationwide and international clients.

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