All About Mo’ Muscle Cars

Growth of Mo’ Muscle Cars

While many other restoration shops are closing their doors, MMC has been expanding, not only its shop size to 16,000 square feet, but we now have 13 full time employees. We insist on getting cars in and out with impeccable quality in a reasonable amount of time.

We have had MANY customers who had their cars in shops for 3 years or more without any significant work done to them! Since we are all muscle car guys too, we know that having your car in the shop for a restoration or custom build is sometimes gut wrenching, especially after it’s there for a year or more without much work having been done.

So, we have grown to meet the demand, and usually, complete jobs will take no longer than 6-8 months depending on the extensiveness of the project. This is quick when you consider that waiting on parts, sending back the wrong parts, waiting on chrome, upholstery, etc. cuts down our productive work on your car.

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