Buying a Car?

All too often, we have customers that go out and buy a car without proper evaluation with plans of restoring it, only to find out that the car is too far gone and would cost way too much to complete. Because of this, Mo’ Muscle Cars now offers a consulting service to help you pick the right car for your restoration. Depending on the location of the car, we will go out and do an evaluation of the car before you purchase it.

If you see an ad for a car that is 40+ years old and the owner claims it is rust free, you need to use extreme caution. Rust free means to many people that there is no visible rust. Someone can simply slap bondo on the car, repaint it, and claim its rust free or recently restored without you knowing that they simply doctored the car to hide the rust.

We want our customers to know what they are buying before they make the purchase. We want to keep their costs down on body work. Nothing is more discouraging to a customer than to spend thousands on a car, only to find out that they bought a rust bucket. We see it all the time and would like to help put a stop to it.

If you would like us to evaluate a car before you purchase it, give a call and we will steer you in the right direction for your restoration or upgrade needs. Doing so could easily save you tens of thousands of dollars on restoration costs and months of time on the build.

Below is Mo’ Muscle Cars in Charlottle, NC at RK Motors inspecting a matching numbers 67 Chevelle for a customer before he decided to buy. The inspection was comprised of a detailed list of any defects or problem areas and a test drive to ensure that the drivetrain was running smoothly.

Thank you guys from RK Motors for your hospitality!!

IMG_3087  IMG_3102