Mo’ Muscle Magic – Hot Rod and Restoration Magazine Article

From the Nov. 2013 edition of Hot Rod and Restoration magazine.

The next generation of restomod masters at Houston-based Mo’ Muscle Cars are cranking out cutting edge classics with an eye to the past.

Back in 2005, Houston-based classic car enthusiast Tim Meaux, like so many other recreational builders around the country, was fed up. For a few years prior, he’d become accustomed to dropping his projects at a seemingly reputable shop, cutting a deposit check, heading home and waiting.

And waiting.

And waiting some more…

At times it could be years before progress was made and, even then, the work was rarely up to his demanding standards. Meaux knew shops were using his deposit to fund work on other vehicles and he despised the practice. Some would even go out of business before completing the work he had paid for.

“The reason I started Mo’ Muscle Cars is because I thought there was a tremendous need for the average muscle car guy to find a place that is dependable, does excellent work and stands behind their work,” he says in the video, posted on the website of the company he launched in response.

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