Mo’ Muscle Mustang! – PowerNation Week #26

This week on PowerNation Courtney features a gorgeous 1964.5 Mustang from the up and coming shop Mo’ Muscle Cars in Conroe, Texas. Shop Owner Blake Meaux joins us to talk about the build of this Pro Touring pony car for owner Rob Bryngelson. Rob’s dream started with a GT500 5.4 liter engine with a Mammoth supercharger that originally made 820 horsepower! He wanted Blake and his team to build a modern performing muscle car around a 1964.5 Mustang body. They started by reinforcing and bracing the floor and then coated the complete inside of the car with Lizard Skin sound and heat control. Then they had to make room for the supercharger by cutting the hood, raising it up and moving it back and then coated the underside of the hood in Lizard Skin heat control. The interior is faux leather with a hand-built steel dash with Classic Instrument Gauges and custom console with in house custom machined bezels. In the end, to make the car more drivable, they de-tuned it down to 620 horsepower. It’s an awesome car and a great block of tech for you this week on PowerNation.