Custom Paint & Media Blasting


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Custom Paint Mixing

We have our own paint mixing room with a Sikkens paint mixing station inside. We can mix any color here at our shop so if you need touch up paint, give us a call. Because we have our own paint mixing room and station, we can also mix any custom paint that you want.

If you plan on painting your car yourself, but cannot get the paint color you want, we would be happy to mix it for you.


State of the Art Media Blasting

Mo’ Muscle Cars Media Blasting Division has the capabilities to strip and paint car bodies, car/industrial parts, aircraft parts, industrial equipment, trailers, boat hulls and farm equipment, which could sometimes need a more delicate paint and rust removal system than conventional sandblasting can offer.

Our system is capable of using the proper media for the job. Soda, plastic media and other types such as glass beads, aluminum oxide, walnut shells, garnet and steel grit will be matched to the job in order to get the best possible surface prep without damaging the surface. We also offer conventional sandblasting and coatings as well. We have a large yard so we can accommodate almost any size job and we can take care of the painting on site.

We use soda on cars to remove the paint and expose any rust that is present. Soda blasting will not remove rust, it just exposes the underlying rust so it can be removed in a different fashion. For full restorations, we always recommend blasting the car first. This allows us to ensure that your paint job will last a long time. If even small amounts of rust are not removed, you will definitely know when your paint starts to bubble and blemish in the near future. Remember, that when stripping paint from delicate items such as your prized classic car, using the wrong media and inexperienced operators can ruin the metal, costing you thousands to have it replaced.

If you need auto media blasting and restoration services, come check out the best custom car shop in the Houston area!