Mechanical Auto Services

The engine work we perform ranges from simple repairs and overhauls to power and performance modifications and we offer performance car parts. In addition to enhancing your performance, we can also dress up your engine to make it appealing to any “gear head”. Mo’ Muscle cars is the only place you will need to take your classic, muscle, or custom car. We do it all!

Electrical – There are many companies that manufacture complete wiring harnesses for just about any muscle car. They are made to look just like the original but in many cases are better. We can fix your electrical problems or if needed, replace the entire wiring harness.

Brakes – Most of the old muscle cars we love do not stop very well; and many don’t even have power brakes. If you want the stopping power of a brand new car, Mo’ Muscle Cars can install one of the hot, new disc brakes kits. Or if you want to just upgrade the performance of your stock brakes, we can help.

Suspension – We are a builder for Detroit Speed, which manufactures a number of suspension enhancing products. We work with many companies to achieve the precise ride and suspension performance you want; even the new trick air suspension systems.

One-off cars always attracts attention, and if built properly will continue to appreciate year after year. Mo’ Muscle Cars can take your ideas and with our input, arrive at scale-correct drawings of your dream car that can be built right in our shop.

Custom Fabrication– Mo’ Muscle Cars has the tools, equipment, and experience necessary to fabricate body parts, dashes, brackets, or whatever is required during the car building process. Whether we need to stretch or bend and form metal into a one-off body part or machine intricate mechanical parts for a unique application, it’s not a problem.

Air Cooling System – We are also a dealer for Vintage Air. So whatever your cooling needs, Vintage Air has the perfect combination for you. Their components are space saving and the controls are user friendly. We can install the Vintage Air system in a manner that will not compromise the original look of your car.

Stereo and Audio – Whether you’re looking for custom installation or back to factory, we have the capabilities and experience to deliver the product you choose with great quality sound and a look that you will be proud of.

Interior – If you are looking for a custom interior, give us a call and we will take care of all you interior needs. From custom seats and door panels to carpet installation. We take care of it all!